Construction Civil Works

Tower Foundation

 Foundation Excavations & Backfilling

 BTS Room

 Shelter Supply & Foundation

 Genset Room

 Genset Pad (including Shed)

 Boundary Wall (including Gate & Fence)

 Area Development


Soil Investigation

 Detail Engineering Design

 Fabrication Shop Drawings

 Structure Stability Survey

 Structure Analysis

Dismantling Services


 BTS Room/Shelter

 Gensets Room/Pad

 Boundary Wall

 Area Reinstatements

Towers / Monopoles / Poles

Erection of Towers

 Tower Painting if required

 Roof Top Sites

Electrical Works

Earthing & Grounding

 Site Electrification

 IPS, PDB, PIB, Mobile DB

 Supply and Installation of OB Lights

Site Acquisition

TSS (Survey and Reporting)

 Site Hunting

 Land Acquisition

 Obtaining NOCs

Building Works

General Civil Construction

 General Electrification

 General Plumbing Works

 Obtaining NOCs

 Structure Analysis

Shelter Room

Supply of Shelters

 Complete installation of Shelter room.

 Complete electrical Work of Shelter room.

Commercial Power (CP)

Submission of Application

 Site Survey for CP

 Demand Note Issuance & Payment

Coordination with the authority

 Complete Energization of Site

 Supply of Transformers from Approved vendors


Air Conditioner


 Indoor and outdoor equipment Installation

Mechanical Works

Tower Paint

 Tower Braces replacement (incase of corrosion)

 Maintenance of OB Light

 Strengthening of Tower

 Maintenance of FAS

CW Maintenance

Maintenance of Boundary Wall

 Maintenance of Tower Foundations

 Maintenance of Gravel

 Area Development (including periodic Site cleaning)

 Maintenance of site water drainage